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A sandbank or sandbar creating a shallow.  From [http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/shoal WIKI]
A sandbank or sandbar creating a shallow.  From [http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/shoal WIKI]
Actually, it is a school of fish.
More likely, considering the phrase used is ''"Dace-Shoals"'', Dace being a small freshwater fish of the minnow family.
'''"The next time you are together, so shall I be, with you."'''<br>
'''"The next time you are together, so shall I be, with you."'''<br>

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Page 750

Ditters von Dittersdorf
See page 104.

Page 752

the Fret
(Dialectal, North East England) A fog or mist at sea or coming inland from the sea. From WIKI

See page 173.

See page 640.

Page 754

the Wand
A witching wand; Cf. page 725.

Shelbys fighting in the West
See page 499 - Also, THIS

In the feudal system, demesne (also spelled desmesne; pronounced /dɨˈmeɪn/ di-MANE or /dɨˈmiːn/ dih-MEEN; via Old French demeine from Latin dominium) was all the land, not necessarily all contiguous to the manor house, that was retained by a lord for his own use - as distinguished from land "alienated" or granted to others (alieni) as freehold tenants. From WIKI

Lord Bishop's Castle
Auckland Castle (often known locally as The Bishop's palace), has been the official residence of the Bishop of Durham since 1832. However, its history goes back much earlier, being established as a hunting lodge for the Prince Bishops of Durham. The castle is surrounded by 800 acres (3.2 km2) of parkland, which was originally used by the Bishops for hunting and is today open to the public. The castle and its grounds contain seven Grade I listed structures. The castle's long dining room is home to 12 of the 13 17th century portraits of Jacob and his 12 sons painted by Francisco de Zurbarán, which were saved by Bishop Trevor in 1756. Trevor was unable to secure the 13th, Benjamin, so commissioned Arthur Pond to produce a copy, which hangs alongside the 12 other originals. Auckland Castle also provides the setting for Lewis Carroll's story "A Legend of Scotland". From WIKI

Lanchester is a village and civil parish in County Durham, England, and was in the former district of Derwentside (1975-2009). It is 8 miles (13 km) to the west of the city of Durham and 5 miles (8 km) from the former steel town of Consett, and has a population of slightly over 4,000 people. Although there was a small drift mine on the edge of the village which closed in the 1970s, Lanchester's economy was mainly based on agriculture. From WIKI - Also, cf. page 339.

An alidade is a device that allows one to sight a distant object and use the line of sight to perform a task. This task can be, for example, to draw a line on a plane table in the direction of the object or to measure the angle to the object from some reference point. Angles measured can be horizontal, vertical or in any chosen plane. The alidade was originally a part of many types of scientific and astronomical instruments. At one time, some alidades, particularly those used on graduated circles as on astrolabes, were also called diopters. From WIKI

Page 755

geometrick as a Prussian Cavalry advance
See page 613.

Trout tend mostly to feed underwater. Especially when fishing deeper waters such as rivers or lakes, putting a fly down to the trout may be more successful than fishing on the surface, especially in the absence of any surface insect activity or hatch... The most common nymphing and general overall fly fishing technique that even beginners can master is a "dead drift" or tight line fishing technique, casting directly across the river, letting the fly line drift downriver while keeping any slack out of the line. If the Nymph is drifting too fast then you should perform an upstream mend. If the nymph is drifting too slowly you should mend downstream. From WIKI

A grebe is a member of the Podicipediformes order, a widely distributed order of freshwater diving birds, some of which visit the sea when migrating and in winter. This order contains only a single family, the Podicipedidae, containing 22 species in 6 extant genera. From WIKI

To know, perceive or understand. From WIKI

Page 756

Norfolk Terrier
See page 18.

Chester Town
See page 562.

Selim and Yorick
The two most celebrated racehorses of their day, see this LINK

"those fried American corn-meal Ar-ticles of yours, Jere, to have with his Fish...? What'll his name be?"
Hush Puppy!!!!!!!! LINK

Page 757

Lud Oafery
See page 463.

Esox is a genus of freshwater fish, the only living genus in the family Esocidae — the esocids which were endemic to North America, Europe and Eurasia during the Paleogene through present from 65—0 mya, existing for approximately 65 million years. The type species is E. lucius, the northern pike. The species of this genus are known as pike and pickerel, and in heraldry they are usually called lucy. From WIKI

A sandbank or sandbar creating a shallow. From WIKI

Actually, it is a school of fish. More likely, considering the phrase used is "Dace-Shoals", Dace being a small freshwater fish of the minnow family.

"The next time you are together, so shall I be, with you."
Another reference to Matthew 18:20; Cf. page 359.

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