Reverend Wicks Cherrycoke

The name "Wicks" could be name-connected with the Wiccans, practitioners of white magic (wicce) in the Middle Ages in Britain. Wicca, or Wicce, was (and is) an ancient religion of love for life and nature. In prehistoric times, people respected the great forces of Nature and celebrated the cycles of the seasons and the moon. They saw divinity in the sun and moon, in the Earth Herself, and in all life. The creative energies of the universe were personified: feminine and masculine principles became Goddesses and Gods. These were not semi-abstract, superhuman figures set apart from nature: they were embodied in earth and sky, women and men, and even plants and animals.

This Wiccan connection resonates nicely with Ethelmer, as there were most likely a number of Wiccan alderman with this or similar names in Britain in the Middle Ages. Of course, there is LeSpark to light the fire under Cherrycoke's raconteur-aspect. Tenebrae also derives from these ancient times, before the Age of Reason, when magick reigned.

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