25; 208; 362; 409; 411; 413; 427; 514; 612; 653;

Lacaille, Monsieur

Lagoo, 2-A
420; French spy from Canada

Lalande, Joseph-Jérôme de (1732-1807)
213; French astronomer; "Lancashire Lalande" 230; MORE...

Lambton, Lord
17; Lambton Castle, 587; Lambton's Oath ("if God should allow [Lambton] victory over the Worm, he would sacrifice unto Him the first living thing he then happen'd to see"), 591 Biblical Correspondence

Lambton, Henry
594; last of the nine generations of Lambtons to die while not in bed, pursuant to the Worm's curse

Lambton Worm
587; a dragon "lacking Wings and a fire-breathing Capacity" that has nine pairs of gill-vents and kills in nines



Pennsylvania town where the Paxton Boys slaughtered the Indians.

304; 341; "scene of horror, 499;

689; 689

Laplace, Pierre Simon, Marquis de (1749-1827)
10; French mathematician and astronomer. Between 1799 and 1825 his monumental five-volume Mécanique céleste , the greatest work on celestrial mechanics since Newton's Principia, was published.

377; French: "The Call" - an appeau is a hunter's call, e.g. a duck call which the hunter blows through to simulate the sound of a duck; restaurant in Paris

546; region of northern Europe above the arctic circle, encompassing far-northern areas of Finland, Norway and Sweden

Larrk of the Sanguine
247; Mason's pronounciation of Lark, his sarcastic description of Dixon as a singing bird of confidence

Larry, Mr.
303; "Irish Wig-Maker at Bermondsley"


590; antidraconical [anti-dragon, i.e., anti-Lucifer, or pro-God] family in Durham; Hugh Latimer (148?-1555) was famous as a preacher. He was Bishop of Worcester in the time of King Henry, but resigned in protest against the King's refusal to allow the Protestant reforms that Latimer desired. Latimer's sermons speak little of doctrine; he preferred to urge men to upright living and devoutness in prayer. But when Mary came to the throne, he was arrested, tried for heresy, and burned together with his friend Nicholas Ridley. His last words at the stake are well known: "Be of good cheer, Master Ridley, and play the man, for we shall this day light such a candle in England as I trust by God's grace shall never be put out."

267; Random House College Dictionary: "1. a tincture of opium 2. Obs. any preparation in which opium is the chief ingredient. [orig. ML var. of LADANUM; arbitrarily used by Paracelsus to name a remedy based on opium]"

Laws of Springs
697; Hooke's Law of Springs: he amount an ideal spring stretches is proportional to the applied force; MORE...

39; sick bay on a ship

Leadenhall Street
10; 162; 539; Address of the East India Company

Lead Mines
547; "spherickal caverns"

Learnèd English Dog
18; the Norfolk Terrier (aka L.E.D., Fang) who talks & blinks; 22; 746; 756

306; near where the Indians who were slaughtered "were peacefully settl'd"

LeMaire, Christopher

73; 156; partner of Boscovich, 268; 544; Jesuit, 546

LeMaire, Isaac
157; "of the Dutch LeMaires [...] the East India Company Director and speculator"

LeMaire, Jacob
157; "of the Dutch LeMaires [...] navigator and explorer of the southern seas"

Lemonniere, Pierre Charles (1715-99)
213; French astronomer; made twelve observations of Uranus before it was recognized as a planet.

Lepton, Lady

411; at Hurricanoe, 414; "Chatelaine [wife of a castle-owner] of Lepton Castle" 417; 507;

Lepton, Lord
301; a lepton is a subatomic particle, any of a group consisting of electrons, muons and neutrinos that experience no strong interactions and are less massive than mesons and baryons; Riditto at Castle Lepton, 410; 411; 416

LeSpark, Elizabeth ("Zab")

6; sister of Wicks Cherrycoke and wife of J.W. LeSpark

LeSpark, Ives
9; brother of John Wade and Lomax; 96; 56; 263

LeSpark, John Wade

Cherrycoke's brother-in-law; one of the listeners and contributors to Cherrycoke's tale; a Philadelphia arms merchant. 6; married to Elizabeth ("Zab") Cherrycoke, Wicks' sister; "If there are Account-books in which casualties are the Units of Exchange, then [LeSpark] is deeply in Arrears" Compare 31; 410; 422; w/M&D at Lepton Castle, 428; 759

LeSpark, Lomax

47; brother of J. Wade and Ives; 759


253; in Greek mythology, Lethe is one of the rivers of Hades from which the dead must drink to forget everything said and done while alive; thus, it has come to represent forgetfulness; in Plato's Tales of Er, 537; 710

Levant Company

269; selling watches

681; "put up Cairns"

Ley-borne Life
651; "ley" is arable land used temporarily for hay or gazing

294; According to Webster's, "Etymology: Leiden, Leyden, Netherlands. Date: 1825: an electrical condenser consisting of a glass jar coated inside and outside with metal foil and having the inner coating connected to a conducting rod passed through the insulating stopper"; Danse Macabre, 294; 599; Battery, 600; 764

Leyden Pile


218; The term "ley lines" was coined by Alfred Watkins when explaining his theory that ancient sites around Britain had actually been constructed or formed giving alignments between and across the inhabited landscape of Britain. The sites mentioned include Stone Circles, Standing Stones, Long Barrows, Cairns, Burial Mounds and Churches; 440; MORE; Wikipedia entry

33; the French ship that attacks the Seahorse; 247; 688


357; 462-63; Mason's Journal Entry

Lignum Vitae
764; the wood of any of several tropical American trees with very hard and heavy wood

362;477 (Linkmen); OED defines linkman as a man employed to carry a torch (1716,1762). 477 Dixon refers to fireflies as 'tiny Linkmen'

Linnaeus, Carolus (1707-78)
321; Swedish naturalist & physician, and founder of the modern scientific nomenclature for animals and plants; 360; 431

227; lead monoxide

Litteraria Expeditione et Soforthia, De
222; mock-Latin title of supposed Jesuit-related book; perhaps an indirect reference to 'Dialogo dei due massimi sistemi del mondo', the book that got Galileo into trouble

Little Bear
653; Ursa Minoris


266; in Philadelphia

Lomax, Uncle
47; See LeSpark, Lomax

Longitude Act of 1714
141; offered a large cash prize for a reliable method for finding longditude at sea

Longitude (Question of)

Long Reach
245; "above Gravesend"

Lonsdale, Uncle
236; Name-connected to Lon Chaney, Jr. (1907-73) who starred in The Wolf Man (1941);

López, Don Vicente

Lord Bishop's Castle
754; at Bishop Auckland

Lost Tribes of Israel

485; In the Bible, the 12 tribes of Hebrews named for 10 sons of Jacob (Reuben, Simeon, Judah, Zebulun, Issachar, Dan, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, and Benjamin) and the two sons of Jacob's son Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh). The 13th tribe, Levi (the third of Jacob's sons), was set apart and had no one portion of its own. After the break in the Hebrew kingdom under Rehoboam, the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and some Levites formed a southern kingdom called Judah; the other 10 tribes formed a northern kingdom called Israel. These 10 were later (721 B.C.) conquered and transported to Assyria. They became known as the 10 lost tribes; numerous conjectures have been advanced as to their fate, and they have been identified with various peoples.


"Love in a Cottage"

441; 1762: Librettist: Isaac Bickerstaffe; Composer: Thomas Augustine Arne; Designated Genre: Pasticcio opera (i.e., an opera with contributions from two or more composers); `and he ain't just humming `Love in a Cottage' brings to mind the expression "and he ain't just whistling Dixie."

"Love Laughs at a Line"

Loxley, Benjamin
296; carpenter

47; aka "rhumb line"; According to Webster's, "a line on the surface of the earth that makes equal oblique angles with all meridians and that is a spiral coiling round the poles but never reaching them."; 473

289; Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556) was a Spanish soldier and the founder, in 1534, of the Jesuits (aka the Society of Jesus), a Catholic order emphasizing missionary work.

Lucas the Cook
54; on St. Helena

312-13; [not found at this page ref: please check]


going about by moonlight 21; those who subscribed to the practicability of using the positions of the stars along the moon's path to determine longitude; 437; 728

201; observations made by Lunarians

269; French, eye-glasses


531; "The Lo-Pan is a disc, six or more inches in diameter, with a magnetic compass about one inch in diameter in the centre. The disc, usually red, is inscribed with sixteen or more concentric circles, subdivided by radial divisions, with appropriate lettering. It synthesises all the Chinese theories as to the cosmic harmony between the energies of nature, time-relations as indicated by the sun and moon, and the directions in space from any point on the earth." (© 1995 Pun Yin Metaphysics LtdConcept & Design by Fortune-it Cookie Entertainment Ltd); While it functions like a western compass, it is used in the practice of Geomancy to measure the flow of Ch'i; 534; 543; 544; 587; 636

Lynn, Nathan
576; friend of Tom Hynes'

673; constellation

Mason & Dixon Alpha Guide
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