Lord Ferrers

He wore his white wedding suit to his hanging: "This is the suit in which I was married, and in which I will die." Another source has this: "He prepared for hanging by dressing in his white wedding clothes, which were of a light colour, embroidered in silver, and he said he thought this, at least, as good an occasion of putting them on as that for which they were first made." (Albion's Fatal Tree, Douglas Hay, et. al., Pantheon Books: NY, 1975). I'm surprised P. didn't use that bit. Nothing about erectional betting in either book, and no mention of a silk rope. Much was made of the fact that even a lord with Plantagenet blood was "hanged with a hempen halter" and "dissected like a common criminal."--"an incision was made from the neck to the bottom of the breast, and the bowels were taken out; on inspection of which, the surgeons declared that they had never beheld greater signs of long life in any subject which had come under their notice." [1]

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  1. The Procession to Tyburn, William McAdoo, Boni and Liveright: NY, 1927
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