Edges in Mason & Dixon

"It took me till I was lying among the Rats and Vermin, upon the freezing edge of a Future invisible, to understand that my name had never been my own" 10

"How is he supposed to ignore this pure Edge of blood-love?" 24

"—the Cold of approaching Night carrying an edge, the possibility that by Morning the Weather will be quite brisk indeed [...]" 34

"Somewhat as his Neighbors each strenuous Sunday profers belief in the Great Struggle at the End of the World" 62

"Briefly we behold the gray edge of a cloud of despair [...]" 93

"Rol-ling out the Edge-ware Ro-od,—" 110

"'Tis the British Way to take the extra step that may one day give us an Edge when we need one" 121

"'What?' Mason begins to edge toward the Tent opening." 137

"Maskelyne's voice, in such times of stress, edges toward a throat-bas'd Soprano" 132

"He was quite distraught, and but a pace or two from the Edge of the precipice." 160

"She put upon her R the same vigorous Edge, as his father on a difficult day,—" 171

"Maskelyne's Observing Suit is edging into Visibility." 172

"Over Wearside, here at Nightfall, exactly upon this Edge between sunlight too bright to see much by and [...]" 219

"'My point exactly!' cries Ethelmer, who had been edging toward the Spirits, mindful that at some point he shall have to edge past his cousin Tenebrae." 264

"is slowly absorb'd into a mirthful Cloud of tartan-edg'd Emerald Green and luminous Coral Taffeta." 271

" [...]sentimental ever held back even at the Edge of breaking forth, in Fragments, as Glass breaks." 273

" [...]the dogs run obsessively to and fro, all 'round the Edges, faces a-twist with Efforts to understand" 309

"by which if he kept to a Fiduciary Edge of Right Procedure, he might profit, whilst retaining his Sanity." 324

" [...]will have found its way by the poundful up the nostrils and into the brains of these by then alert youths, lending a feverish edge to all they speak and do." 329

" [...]suggesting locating the exact center of New Castle by taking a sheet of paper showing a map of the Town, trimming 'round the edges til only the Town remains" 337

"but fifteen years ago in the era of Don Vicente Lopez, there was an apprehensive Edge in this Town as soon as the Sun went down, that" 338

"He sets his Lips as for a conventional, or Toroidal, Smoke_Ring, but out instead comes a Ring like a Length of Ribbon clos'd in a Circle, with a single Twist in it, possessing thereby but one Side and one Edge . . ." 345 "Then one has Mr. Edgewise . . . ." 354

"A close observer, did one attend, might see him begin to flicker 'round the edges." 383

"Taking what seems far too long, he peers up and down the newly glitt'ring Edge, [...]" 387

"She is so flabber-gasting this Macaroni with it that he seems to fall into a contemplative Daze before the deep Undulations, a Dreamer at the Edge of the Sea." 387

"I am become a Target for his Instruments edg'd and pointed." 387

"There is an Edge to Young Romance, this year, that none of those testing its Sharpness may recognize, quite yet." 395

"Three young Ladies are peeping 'round the 'Door-way, like shorebirds at the edge of the Water, stepping nicely in and out of that Aura of Tobacco-Smoke that Men for centuries have understood keeps women away as well as were they Bugs." 396

"We've seen 'em all, all manner of Traveler, saints and sinners, green and season'd some who could teach Eels to wriggle and some who were pure fiduciary Edge, and I'll tell you, this one [...] I don't know." 401

"The Telescope stands in its own Window'd Observatory at the Top of the House, before it the Edge of the River" 403

"The tone balanc'd upon a Blade's Edge, between Pity and Contempt." 406

"Whereupon a golden Edge of Pleasure proceeds to bisect him upwardly all the way from his Ballocks to his heart, which these days is a lengthy journey." 415

"advised by friend and enemy that his only decent course would be to step off the Edge of the World.—" 416

"'What, this? 'tis a Tub, Sir.' Hoping the Echo may give him and Edge." 423

"curiously prostrated before the chunk of Rose Quartz where cross the Latitude of the south Edge of Philadelphia [...]" 441

"'Why are you all edging away from me like that?'" 450

"then returning to this Radiance that flares from behind edges of Shapes uncertain,—" 485

"reaching with her arms, run to the roof's edge and into the Air" 517

"tho their Wonderful Telegraph gives them in that Article an Edge over the rest of Christendom" 528

"for the struggle Zarpazo and I must enact upon the very mortal Edge of this great Torrent of Sha,—" 545

"as if they liv'd at the edge of some great lighted Sky-Structure" 653

"then at the edges of my vision, Blurs appear'd" 561

"Ev'rybody's feeling edgy." 577

"—flowing up over the edge [...] indeed, it keeps coming for longer than it should." 589

"with hundreds of firmly attach'd sword-quality Blades, whose hone edges flicker with sanguinary light." 592

"looking for someone who can help him out of the edg'd ,and now perhaps even venomous, iron weapon he is wearing." 594

"The breeze has a cold edge." 597

"Yet removing Trees to create a pair of perfectly straight Edges, is to invite Sha [...]" 601

"form up at the western edge of town" 638

"thro' some Energy unknown, ever are we haunted by the Edge so precise, so near" 650

"Smugglers of Tobacco, Dye-stuffs, and edg'd Implements flee their Storage-Cabins in the middle of the night" 692

"at which point the Enterpriser has edg'd his way as far as the door" 697

"saw at the edges of Rooms from the corners of Eyes, shouted to up or down a Visto" 704

"As if here, at the Edge of the World" 746

"The Fret has gather'd in the waste places, cross'd them, and come to the Edge of the Town." 752

"Busy with rebellion, America drew back toward the edges of Dixon's Frame, where the shadows gather'd." 754

"and so she turn'd terrible, as she had ever been a shadow's Edge away from doing anyway." 758

"At the last of the Day-light, providentially, at the Edge of York, they smell wood-smoke with a sensible Fat Component" 766

Contributed by Paul Mackin.

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