Amelia & The Italian Waggon-smith

Milk-Maid Amelia runs off with an Italian Waggon-smith and they go to live in Massapequa. Well, Amy Fisher, the Long Island Lolita, was involved with Massapequan Joey Buttafuoco. Buttafuoco was a co-proprietor of an auto-body shop, making him what you might call a "Waggon-Smith." (Ms. Fisher met him at his body-shop, where her car was being repaired. The body shop, which has now moved or closed, had a pretty good reputation before the Fisher affair.

Baldwin (where the body shop was located), Massapequa, and Ms. Fisher's town of Merrick are all within 20 miles of Pynchon's Glen Cove, Oyster Bay and East Norwich (of which his grandfather was a surveyor), although to a Long Islander, those 20 miles seem like much more.

Mason & Dixon Alpha Guide
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