Über Bernoullis Brachistochrons-probleme (1702)
724; "brachistochrone" is the curve providing the quickest descent (for an object sliding down the curve) between two given points. Over the course of three generations, the Bernoulli family produced many of the leading 18th century mathematicians.

Ulrich, Johann
53; Hannoverian Fifer

508; A historical region and ancient kingdom of northern Ireland, the northernmost of the historic provinces. Largely annexed by the English Crown during the reign of James I, it is now divided between Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is often called Ulster; six of its nine counties make up Northern Ireland, now often referred to as Ulster; the rest are in the Republic of Ireland.

13; Latin: "ultimo" = "last"

Unchleigh, Lieutenant
36; quartered with Cherrycoke, 48

Uncle Toby
364; Uncle Toby is a character in Stern's Tristram Shanty; Tristram Shandy's Uncle Toby resorted first to maps then to scale model earthworks, recreating the siege of Namur, in order to explain to solicitous enquirers, regarding where exactly he was wounded during the siege, the precise position, location and angle of his injury. n.b. Uncle Toby was wounded in the groin. Knockwood is described as trans-Elemental since he works with water, not earth, the other two elements being air and fire. (Thanks to Richard Romeo)

180; unco is Scots for unknown, strange or unusual - a contraction of 'uncouth'.

555; consisting of eleven parts

Underground Journeys
"secret Tunnels" 232-33; See also Hollow-Earthers

University of Hell

Unreflective, H.M.S.

397; girl with whom Dixon dances in Williamsburg

Uranian devotee


708; seventh planet from the sun, discovered by Herschel in 1781; 769; See also Georgian

Ursa Major
653; "The Great Bear" constellation; the Big Dipper

Mason & Dixon Alpha Guide
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