248; 293; 492

Quall, Delicia
199; "the Clothier's daughter" and "Nymphomaniac" in Stroud who pursues Mason

Quantz, Johann Joaquim (1697-1773)
German flautist and composer, and court composer for Frederick II, the Great. He wrote a treatise on flute playing and composed a huge quantity of pieces for the flute; Etude, 53; 104; Imperial Melismata, 413


35; fall of 661

Queen Anne (1665-1714)
189; daughter of James II, and queen of England and Ireland from 1702

Queen of Sheeba

Queen's Head
733; tavern in Bishop

Queves du Rat aux Haricots
644; French: "Tail of Rat in Beans"; one of Allègré's famous dishes

Quiberon Bay

40; Bay located on the far northern coast of France on the Atlantic Ocean; It is southeast of Brest (city at the western corner of mainland France). Admiral Hawke defeated the French navy there in an important battle of the Seven Years War; 50; 152

130; busybody


543; a mystickal 17th-century movement within French Roman Catholicism which develop'd a technique of prayer in which passive contemplation became the highest form of religious activity, as oppos'd to the more "storm the gates of heaven" sort of prayer prevalent at the time; See also Molinos, Miguel

qui vive
40; alert, lookout

25; an interjection used to express surprise or contempt

397; quoits is a game in which players toss a ring at a stake which is called the hob. It is said to have originated in Roman-occupied Britain between 1st and 5th centuries B.C., or possibly in medieval Britain. The game faded as horseshoes became more popular.

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