Chapter 53: 511-524

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Page 511

a Life that was like a flirtation with the Day in all its humorless dignity
Another reference to "the Day" as developed further in ATD; here straightforward unironic dignified life, one would gloss.

Page 512

the dark and wild men
In a gloss on the play within The Crying of Lot 49, three men in black on horseback come to assassinate.
There are some recurring stealthy black horses in visions/events within ATD.

Page 523

a return to that Holy Silence which the Word broke
Compare Oedipa and her recognition of the Word in The Crying of Lot 49. (citation to come).
Compare ATD passim.
Thematic to Pynchon's vision: a time of unity before words broke it; before the Word [Logos; God?]..?

Page 527

largely Paper Vengeance, he not only traverses...
Writing injustice largely on paper with that Pynchon word.....what reminds thee of?

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